Magnetic heads for reel tape recorders 

Photovox Technology S.r.l.

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Photovox Technology produces magnetic sensors for audio and video applications.
There are over 300 types of magnetic sensors made for the best known video production and film post production equipment.
It also offers an efficient regeneration and reconditioning service for the magnetic sensors currently in use.
The main professional heads are used for professional sound reproduction, recording and duplication and sound and film projection and editing.

The main heads for recorders are as follows:
• Soundcraft multitrack for recording, playback and deletion
• Revox multitrack for recording and reproduction
• Telefunken multitrack for recording and playback
• Trident multitrack for recording, reproduction and cancellation
• Satrun Research multitrack for recording, reproduction and cancellation
Photovox is also specialized in the reconditioning service of worn magnetic heads.